Olympics 2018 {Vancouver WA Family Portrait Photographer}

Winter Olympics 2018

Who doesn’t love the Olympics!!!  Summer or Winter I love them both!!! Besides watching the competition I love the back stories shared about the competitors. I am inspired by how they dreamed of being an Olympian from the first time they tried their sport.  This fascinates me! Who didn’t dream about being an Olympian? The difference with these individuals  currently competing in Korea – they made their dreams happen!

Why didn’t I? Hmmm, perhaps my dream just wasn’t strong enough. My dream involved being a gymnast. Clearly this 5’10” girl does not have the physical make up of a gymnast. But I attended gymnastics camp, I was on the team, I really, really wanted to do a back-handspring and I excelled at the round off. But somewhere, at some point I did my last round off, I attempted my last back- handspring and I gave up. 

The worlds current Olympians never gave up. Which is why I thing we are inspired by them. Inspired and fascinated by how far they pushed themselves. I am certain they had their share of negative feedback, financial strains, physical limitations and yet – they persevered. Now don’t misunderstand me. I know that I was not destined to be a gymnast {I am the most inflexible girl you have ever seen!} and I am not hard on myself for walking away from cartwheels and back-handsprings. But these Olympians are inspiring because they set their sites on something and overcame EVERY OBSTACLE that came their way. All the doubt, fear, frustration didn’t stop them. Its important to remember as we push towards our dreams, whatever they may be – strong families, successful children, promotions, marathons whatever YOUR dream is – we keep pushing!! We keep moving forward ONE STEP AT A TIME.

10 Things I’ve Done Right

Last week I shared with you a list of 10 things I’ve done wrong. They are things I have struggled with, some I’ve overcome, some I still struggle with daily. This is a list of things I have come to over time.  10 things that I have done right (sadly not consistently) Its a learning, growing process.

  1. Not giving up – Yes I’ve given up – but this refers to the times I haven’t – never regretted it!
  2. Pushed through fear – Sometimes fear is a good thing (obviously) I’m referring to the irrational fears that lift their ugly head when you are trying to grow, learn, improve.
  3. Prayed – Most powerful, reliable thing in my life!
  4. Showed up every day – Sometimes (ok many) I have shown up with nothing to do and nothing but discouragement in my heart but I showed up!
  5. Dared to dream – Yes, those outlandish, wild to you, stretching beyond your current boundaries dreams!
  6. Said yes – Sometimes the doubt screams in your ear you aren’t good enough. But baby when the door opens walk through it!
  7. Networked – Eye opening for this small business owner! 
  8. Admitted I didn’t know it all – Humbling myself and acknowledging others know what I don’t  takes so much pressure off and presents opportunities to learn!
  9. Asked for help – I have been amazed at how supportive my growing community is!
  10. Moved out of my comfort zone – Oh baby some days I want nothing more then to curl up with my cozy blanket and latest book and not move.  But all of my growing is done out of that zone.

This list reflects my life now primarily as a small business owner. I imagine if I wrote this list as a young mother or new wife or college student there may be some similarities but this list reflects my life today and what I am currently dealing with. 

The Message

The message? A reminder to me and hopefully to you is to stop focusing on our mistakes! Remind ourselves of what we are doing right! Because I guarantee you are doing more right than wrong! Oh how we love to focus on our negatives, our shortcomings, what we don’t like. So STOP IT!!  😀  

Those Olympians didn’t stop. We are are all Olympians in our own lives. Go for the gold friends! You have what it takes!!

I’m cheering for you!




  1. Cheri February 12, 2018 at 6:35 pm - Reply

    Inspiring! And you rode your bike like an Olympian in a relay!! Way to go

    • Shelly February 12, 2018 at 8:39 pm - Reply

      Oh yeah!! LOL! My teammates made me look good. 🙂

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