A Mother’s Love {Family Photographer Vancouver WA & Battle Ground WA}

As a mom and a photographer I have to make a deliberate effort to have my picture taken. It’s not that I enjoy having my picture taken its that I would simply like to exist…

I have always enjoyed taking pictures. I fell in love with photography long before there was such a thing as a “selfie”.  As a result, there are years of photo albums filled with pictures of vacations, birthday parties and various adventures  where you see my husband, kids and family members and while I was there… you will only see very few photos of me. 

Existing is important. Pictures of you are important. Pictures of you and your children, spouse, parent{s} are important. They are important because you are important. You are a valuable member of your family, or society. 

When Amanda told me she wanted photos taken of her daughter I suggested she get in the picture with her beautiful girl. Happily she agreed and now she has some precious photos of her and her gorgeous girl. 

I’m certain she will never regret having these photos taken with her daughter (and their adorable pup). Photography is about capturing that moment in your life and keeping it forever.

It was such a fun session watching Amanda and Shelby interact with each other. I guess its because my boys have left and it seems like just such a short time ago they were little. It truly does go by so fast!  It doesn’t have to be a special occasion to have your photographs taken. It’s a special occasion BECAUSE you are having your photograph taken. 

It is time to schedule your Fall family session. The weather is ideal let’s take advantage of it and get your photo session booked today.

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SFP Bags

I will be in my studio tomorrow afternoon if you would like to stop by and get your bag and pick up a $50 voucher for your fall session. And if you have yours take a quick pic and post it on IG with the tag #sfpbags just because it’s fun to see them being used.  Click here to see the ones already posted https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/sfpbags/?hl=en

Have an awesome evening!


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