Let’s Celebrate together!

Did you enjoy the big snow storm yesterday? Or the icey slop we have this morning? I’ll admit to having a bit of a temper tantrum just before noon when there still hadn’t been any snow to speak of. It’s such a rare event I keep hoping that this will be the time we get absolutely buried in snow.  😉  Maybe next time.

I hope you have marked your calendars and plan to stop by on Sunday between 2-4 to visit my studio. I’m really looking forward to seeing you all and eating Becky’s yummy food!  😆 i-want-to-thank-you-for-3-years-1

Things have been super busy at SFP and I’m so grateful! 😀  I have been selling a lot of landscapes which really do make uniquely perfect Christmas gifts. I had an awesome Family Session with the Akrawi family, finished editing the wedding photos. The Christmas decorations are up in the office and I have moved into my new space. Can’t wait to share it with you all!

I’m so excited to have finished the Mason-Hendrickson Wedding pictures! Katie and Chase will be picking up their images on Sunday and I will be blogging about their special day on Monday.

I have also been diligently taking my photo of the day for my Project 366 I have 23 pictures left to take in this 2 year journey! I’m excited to finish it!

Project 366




I never warmed up to the whole {self-portrait} assignment.  😯  I decided for this final one I would use my new space and try to include Lucy. LOL~ I have my camera on a tripod and I have a remote trigger in my hand. All I needed to do was to get Lucy to sit next to me and look at the camera.  😆  🙄  😉  HA!! Easier said than done!

Black/White Editdsc_8213-2


This kid won’t be home for Christmas.  😥  He will be in Europe on a grand 18 day adventure with 3 of his buddies! I’m excited and sad all at the same time…

From Behinddsc_8092-2


I have learned to not let this one choose his own poses when photographing him!  🙄

Wish Listdsc_8469


Snow! Snow is on my wish list and this week we saw it twice! Lucy loves it as much as I do! She’s very good at looking at the camera if I’m behind it.  😉

Lights dsc_8502


I like this effect! This is a picture of our Christmas tree. I used my tripod and really slow shutter setting and a zoom lens. After clicking the shutter I quickly zoom the lens in and out for this effect.

Free Choicedsc_8511


Sweet Evan! He was so cold during our shoot! We were all a bit jealous of his cozy coat! But he was a trooper and took it off a time or two for me.

Bundled Up


Probably the one with the biggest shivers was poor little Ludo! He loved being snuggled deep inside anyone’s cozy jackets. I wish I had taken a photo of him sitting on my wagon wrapped in blankets! Love the windblown look in this shot!

Thanks for stopping by! Think warm thoughts and be safe out there today! Hope to see you Sunday!



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