Cella Family {Family Photographer Portland OR & Vancouver WA}

I met Heather and her son Tyler this Fall when I took Tyler’s senior pictures. We had such a fun time Heather asked me to do a family session with her entire family and I was thrilled to have the opportunity.

Heather was beaming she was so grateful to have her family together and to be capturing precious pictures that will be cherished!


I was able to meet Heather’s husband Jeff, Tyler’s big brother Michael and little brother Zachary.  Michael’s beautiful girlfriend, Desi and their adorable son Braxley also joined in.


Braxley was perfectly content in that box! I think he would have stayed there all day grinning! What a chunk of love!

It was another cold drippy morning but once again it was totally worth it! I have learned to not let the weather forecast scare me! Plus there are a lot of covered areas in PDX to duck under if needed. Thankfully the rain drops held off until we were done.  😀


Sweet Zachary who is 6 has his two big brothers to look up to but gets to be an Uncle to Braxley. So many handsome men in one family!

Thank you Cella Family for braving the weather and allowing me the opportunity to photograph your lovely family!

Project 366

Off Prompt {leftovers}



Thanks to my Mom doing all the cooking I didn’t have any leftovers – well there was some chicken potpie but Ty took care of that so fast there wasn’t time to photograph it! I think this is a prettier picture anyway. I love how vivid the green is!

Framing dsc_8312


We are dog park regulars now thanks to Lucy. I love our dog park because it is in the most beautiful setting! Old barns, lush fields, tall evergreens I seriously want to build my dream home out there!




I assume its because of all the rain but the leaves still have such vivid color to them {even on the ground}



The weather is getting to me. So much rain…I’m a true NW girl it usually doesn’t bother me. Perhaps it is because I have had so many outdoor shoots to worry about I’m not sure… Or perhaps its been the record breaking wet Fall – for whatever reason I’m feeling the need for a nice long dry streak or a ton of snow! Either would make me very happy!

So I’m excited that my little space is expanding. I’m in the same location but spreading out across the hall. This will give me the space to do some indoor shots (headshots, little kids etc)

You will be seeing lots of reminders like this…


That is because I really really want you to stop by Dec 11! Please come and bring a friend say hi grab a bite to eat stay as long or short as you would like. I would love to see you! Put it on your calendar!






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