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When we make them we feel bad, we cringe, we can be embarrassed, we can be frustrated…

Recently I was asked to come up with a list of 10 mistakes I’ve made

  1. Over Thinking – This always results in excuses to not move forward
  2. Afraid of Failure – I have this debilitating expectation that everything I do should be wildly successful and if I can’t guarantee (and I can’t) that then why try…
  3. Striving for Perfection – See #2
  4. Fear Led – I let fear stop me.
  5. Not jumping in/Moving too quickly – Instead of taking small bites I feel like I have to be an expert before I have the right to move forward OR I just jump in without thought 
  6. Not trusting – I struggle with trusting the process, others, myself, God
  7. Utilizing Resources – I get overwhelmed with all the resources out there and as a result I shut down and forget to use them
  8. I focus on perceived obstacles – See #s 1,2,3,4,5
  9. Lack of Planning – I tend to let life happen to me. This year I have worked on being more deliberate to reach my goals.
  10. Not starting with the First Step – That is really all that is needed. Just what is next. If I could remember that this list would look very different!


The result of all this is I end up staying in one space. I stop growing. And I REALLY DON”T WANT THAT!! The irony is my personality gets really restless! I always am looking for change. So why do I have this big hang up? It seems the opposite to who I am.

So I’m reminding myself of the good news about mistakes, they can always be turned around. Mistakes can lead to amazing progress. I even believe that mistakes HAVE to be made in order to really learn.

So a big part of being BRAVE this year will involve having the courage to make mistakes so I can learn and keep moving forward.

I hope this little self revelation is helpful to any of you. I don’t believe I’m alone in some of my mistakes. If you have any words of wisdom to help me along on this journey please share!!

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