It’s Friday, my boys are home the sun is shinning!!!!  😎 I’m feeling blessed! I’m not gonna lie this week had some MAJOR disappointments but I choose to focus on the positive because frankly it just feels better!  😉


Yesterday I sold this picture printed on aluminum! That always feels amazing!

My body is still recovering from my bike wreck this week. My hip looks like someone took a bat to it and my shoulder doesn’t want to be lifted past a certain point and my knee still hurts. But I’m thankful I am just dealing with bruises and abrasions and not something worse!

My boys are home safely!

The sun is out the flowers are blooming and Spring is almost here!



I love to have a clean home with fresh food when my boys come home (I don’t know why both disappear as soon as they arrive!) So I was happy to have an excuse to make some {yum}my oatmeal choc chip cookies for them  😉

A HabitDSC_6337-2


I have firmly established a {habit} of taking daily pictures. Now that I am into my second Project 365 I am finding that I usually have my picture done or at least figured out before lunch. Last year at this time there were plenty of times when I forgot until after dinner and I hated that!  😯  I’m so inspired by all of the blooming flowers around I just want to walk around in the sunshine all day taking pictures    😎

Have a lovely day and weekend!


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