Any Favorite Snack/Loyal/Yikes

Any Favorite Snack 191/365 I am seasonal with my snacking... Sometimes something salty is my {favorite snack}... Most times something sweet is my {favorite snack}... But in the summer time I love to snack on whatever fruit or veggie is in season... I am the type that doesn't even look at a cantaloupe except for the few delicious weeks they are in season...Which is sad because I LOVE THEM! I also adore cherries! And we live in cherry country and when they are ripe I will gorge myself with them...besides the seeds are SO FUN to spit!!! Loyal 192/365 Being a [...]


A Summer Drink/A Few

A Summer Drink I believe I have mentioned before I have very simple drinking tastes... In other words I'm not very adventurous and stick to a handful of drinks... But overall I drink water, not fun water with berries and fizz... Just water with ice cubes - I like my water COLD! But when I do drink something other than water for {a summer drink} it is often a light ice nonfat vanilla chai If I'm at a restaurant a strawberry lemonade is my first choice - but really I will try anything fruity and icy... I recently saw a picture of [...]


Blurry/Stripes/My View Today

Blurry As a photographer the one thing I absolutely never want to see is any of my pictures to turn out {blurry} - {blurry} is a bad word to me... But it does happen and I'm usually crushed when it does...Blur happens when the shutter speed is too slow to capture the movement of the subject...But I have to remind myself that a {blurry} picture can actually be used to enhance the feeling of motion which when done right can be a cool effect...So it was an interesting experience to be intentional about trying to capture a {blurry} photograph... I [...]


Beneath My Feet/Faceless

Beneath My Feet This prompt made me think about what things were {beneath my feet} in a day... dirt, floor, carpet, asphalt, concrete, grass, bike pedals, gas/brake pedals, sand, gravel, bark chips, water... Sometimes if I'm lucky an exciting path or unexplored road is {beneath my feet}.... Or white sand beaches and warm waters... But lately my feet have spent a lot of time in the dirt of my garden.... All this heat is producing some wonderful things in my garden! Already I have gorged myself on raspberries and peas and here come the zucchini and squash as well as [...]


What I’m Reading/Down the Street

What I'm Reading Happily I am always reading something!There are brief periods of time when I have finished a fantastic book and I'm just not ready to let go of it so I don't jump right into the next...But I always have a stack of books near by that are waiting for their turn to be read....I promised myself a year ago that I wouldn't buy any new books (except book club choices) until I had read more on my shelf...Which I did for awhile...but then I find myself at Powell's and good grief who can walk out of Powell's [...]


The Sky/Hello/Me

The Sky  177/365 There have been some spectacular sunsets lately... Sadly, I have found myself without my camera or not in a position to capture one of these amazing light shows in {the sky}... On Friday evening I grabbed my wide angle 11-16 F2.8 lens for my {sky} shot... A huge part of photography is learning what lens will best suit what you are trying to capture... What I have learned is this is the lens to go to for any sky shots! I love how it captures the colors and broadness of the sky! I headed down my street to see what [...]


Favorite Time of Day/Nature

Favorite Time of Day 175/365 There have been times in my life where I have had to get up really early... I'm not gonna say the waking up/getting up process is enjoyable... But once I'm up, I'm up and usually happy about it... Early morning is {my favorite time of day} - unless I've been taking NyQuil (which I have the past few nights thanks to a wicked head cold!) then it's a struggle through the fog... It is quiet and peaceful early in the morning... The day is full of potential...I tend to wake up optimistic... As a photographer there is no question that [...]


Explore/What Represents Me

Explore 168/365 - Mitchell Point, Columbia River Gorge Oh how I love to {explore}... It is absolutely my favorite thing to do! {Explore}ing to me could mean turning down a street in my own neighborhood that I have never been on... Or taking off passport in hand... Somewhere on Mt. Hood, Oregon For me, there is nothing better than wandering, {explore}ing something, somewhere new... Wildlife Reservation - Ridgefield, Washington Of course my favorite way to {explore} is to travel somewhere new and then just wander... I love turning down streets, wandering through buildings, with no agenda other than to see [...]



Flowers 147/365 Who doesn't love {flowers}? This Spring I think the {flowers} here in my neighborhood have been more abundant, vivid and breathtaking than ever! Right now the fields are blooming with whatever these darling little yellow blooms are called as well as daisies, lupine, poppies.... The lilacs have passed and my wisteria has leafed out with only a few blossoms here and there... But next are the roses and other flowers in my yard that I really need to learn the names of! Dahlias are popping up and my shasta daisies are getting taller.... I love that there is [...]


Honor/A Black-White Edit

Honor 145/365 While I have had some family members who have served in the military, they have all come home safely... I can't imagine the grief of losing someone who has gone away to fight for their country... I think it is entirely appropriate that our nation has a day to {honor} remember them... Memorial Day also remembers those who served and have died... I had the privilege to photograph this military funeral a few years back... It was so moving...beautiful, powerful... So when I was considering what to shoot for {honor} I decided to go back to that cemetery... There is [...]

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