Psst – Need some gift ideas?

I've been focusing on the portrait side of my business during out gorgeous Summer and Fall and now that the winter rains have settled in - I remember that I have several pictures on hand that I would love to sell! These would make awesome Christmas gifts! Some are Canvas wraps with gorgeous texture and rich color and others are printed on Aluminum. The Aluminum really plays nicely with the light in the room - changing the look of the picture throughout the day. These are all available immediately - First come first serve I only have one of each [...]


Ermshar Family – Christmas Spirit!

I would like the thank the Ermshar family for helping me get into the Christmas spirit. As you know I was holding onto Fall with both hands and my teeth... :-? But it was this family's family session that finally pushed me over the edge and full into the holiday season.  :-D The Ermshars wanted their session to have a Christmas theme so they chose the perfect location -Tapaan's Christmas Tree Farm off of 72nd - Which I would like to thank Tapaan Farms for being so generous with us - telling us to feel free to roam and shoot [...]


Inspirational – Landscapes – but first boots

Boots 306/365 As a thank you for a recent shoot at an outdoor school I received an Amazon Gift card. I was a bit overwhelmed when faced with the task of spending it. Amazon is such a vast place how would I settle on an item? Should it be practical? Should it be something for my business? Should it be something for someone else? What did I even want? The answer - {boots} :roll:  But I honestly need a pair of rain boots and these are the perfect color (matches my business color)  :lol:  And two days later I had [...]


Home Sweet Home

I LOVE to travel, to wander, to have plans to go SOMEWHERE ;-) I have thoroughly enjoyed the past 5 days (except the long car rides :roll: ) but, frankly I'm ready to stay home for awhile  :-?  I'm happy I am home and I'm home two days earlier than planned  :lol:  I've been busy taking pictures of seniors, outdoor school and houses for sale all of which need to be edited and delivered. I am thankful to have a full calendar for the rest of the month! 8-)  But that means I need time to edit and stay on [...]



Being a photographer isn't a hobby for me. It's not a side job I do in my spare time. This is my job and I'm trying very hard to be successful and contribute to the family budget. I've discovered quickly the need to "diversify" as much as possible in order to make it. This suits my personality perfectly! In addition to taking portraits of families and individuals I also take landscapes. I LOVE to wander and in my wanderings I often come across some of the most beautiful scenery! Through the wonderful magic of photography it doesn't have to be [...]


New Beginnings

The holiday weekend is flying by! And for the first time Jeff and I actually went somewhere for the long weekend! We have been enjoying some gorgeous landscapes in the Washington Peninsula. I absolutely LOVE going places I have never been! We have also returned to some stunning locations we visited about 15 years ago and fell in love with. I hope you had a chance to enjoy the holiday weekend!     I absolutely fell in love with this lodge! Build in 1927 Lake Quinault Lodge oozes American history. It take you back to America's glory days when things [...]


Bokeh, This humbles me

Bokeh 215/365 When I first started really paying attention to photography I began to notice the details of a picture. I noticed how some pictures had everything in focus and some pictures had the foreground in focus but the background were all blurry.... I wondered about that.  Now I understand Depth of Field (DOF). When you want a blurred background or {bokeh} you are looking for a shallow DOF - like in the picture above. But when you are shooting landscapes or group pictures or any picture where you want to include all the details then you want a deep/wide [...]



SFP Website! Here it is! I'm so excited to share my new website with you today! This has been a HUGE step for me as I journey forward as a small business owner! So today's blog will be short and sweet!  Take some time to look around my website.  I would love any feedback you have regarding the site! On the Contact page there is a place to email me - or you can always comment at the end of this blog.  Either way I would value any input you have. I was feeling a bit scattered with my blog, [...]


My Favorite Pastime/Rows

My Favorite Pastime 201/365   What is your favorite pastime? The Oxford English Dictionary defines pastime as - "a diversion or recreation which serves to pass the time agreeably..." I despise waiting... That is why it is ESSENTIAL I have a book with me at all times... If I don't have a book and I'm stuck waiting I'm GROUCHY!!! If I'm stuck waiting and I have a book, suddenly I have been given the gift of time to read - Which is truly a treasured gift!!! "Pastime" is also defined as something you do for enjoyment rather than work... {My [...]


Around the Corner/My Weekend/A Selfie

Around the Corner 198/365 All last week our planned weekend visit to see Tyler was just {around the corner}... It was a long week... Then we finally hopped into the car and after many miles and many corners we were finally with our boy! There are many things lurking just {around the corner} next weekend when we actually get to be with both our sons at the same time... Saying goodbye to both of them at college... The opening of SFP is just {around the corner}! I'm anxious to drive by tomorrow.  They were supposed to have poured some concrete [...]

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