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As a thank you for a recent shoot at an outdoor school I received an Amazon Gift card. I was a bit overwhelmed when faced with the task of spending it. Amazon is such a vast place how would I settle on an item? Should it be practical? Should it be something for my business? Should it be something for someone else? What did I even want?

The answer – {boots} 🙄  But I honestly need a pair of rain boots and these are the perfect color (matches my business color)  😆  And two days later I had them! Just in time for my photo prompt (not planned)

I often wonder what my neighbors think of me as I am often seen roaming around my yard with my camera – on this day with a pair of {boots}As I set up the shot Lucy decided she wanted to be in the picture – Of course if I had wanted her there sitting just like that it would have never happened! But since it was her idea  🙄


Of course this is what happened exactly one second later  😆




Yesterday afternoon was a bit chilly and gorgeous! Perfect for a Fall Senior Shoot! I find many things {inspirational} but nature is at the top of my list! I love and appreciate how God designed seasons for us to enjoy! I know some would prefer perpetual summer time and there are places in the world where you could live and experience that – but it’s not for me! I love change!

I’m adding some of my favorite and {inspirational} landscapes – all are available for purchase if you are interested let me know!  😉


Landscapes 253 solo DSC_0142 DSC_6420 DSC_6379

Lucy Update:

There is hope – Lucy went for 5 hours last night before needing a potty break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The night before she had 2 three hour stretches! And yesterday she didn’t have a single accident in the house!!! However, we won’t be able to say that about today (already)  😯


Next: My Favorite Thing, Negative Space 😆


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