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As a photographer the one thing I absolutely never want to see is any of my pictures to turn out {blurry} – {blurry} is a bad word to me…

But it does happen and I’m usually crushed when it does…Blur happens when the shutter speed is too slow to capture the movement of the subject…But I have to remind myself that a {blurry} picture can actually be used to enhance the feeling of motion which when done right can be a cool effect…So it was an interesting experience to be intentional about trying to capture a {blurry} photograph…

I also enjoyed just taking pictures of these guys! They have just been reunited after a whole 3 weeks apart and you would think it was their 10 year high school reunion the way the gabbed nonstop! You could tell they just love each other and I loved being able to experience another afternoon on the boat with these kids who are fast approaching grownup world where jobs and responsibilities; will keep them apart…


Stars and {stripes} forever…I love the US flag…I just do…I guess I’m patriotic….I love the history that stands behind our flag…I choose not to focus on all the gobbly gook that current events are throwing our way and just focus on the history of those who were so brave and so smart and so ambitious as to create an independent new nation…

Here is another {blurry} photo! My View Today

I have had enough of the heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love summer…I love a warm summer….

But when it is so hot I have to hide indoors that kinda ruins the concept of summer and being outdoors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were up and out early to clean up the mess in our yard following 4th of July and at 8am it was already 75 degrees!!!So after that sweat fest we hid indoors until about 8pm and finally went out for a walk along the river and it was STILL HOT!I long for a day with a high of 82….Stay cool friends!
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