10 Things about me as a – College Student

  1. I still loved sports and the outdoors and skipped Intro to Art constantly because it followed Volleyball practice. My choice – go to class or stay after practice and play volleyball –  😉
  2. I really, really loved volleyball and it was all I wanted to do – I wanted to be really, really good at it!
  3. The scariest moment in college was when Jeff and I broke up – I realized I didn’t want to live my life without him.  😥
  4. I was at WWC (now WWU) for 3 years. We got married during Christmas break my Junior year. The following summer we moved to Florida then Tennessee where I finished my degree in History at SAU.
  5. While I was in College I began as a Business major, then Elementary Ed and finally settled on a degree in History – Who knew?!?!? The girl who didn’t really enjoy school was going to be a History teacher!!  😆
  6. In college I decided to walk away from Basketball – until my Senior year at SAU where I won the MVP trophy – the largest trophy I have every won  😆
  7. In college I was Terrified of failing
  8. I began to secretly believe I was not the dumbest person in class and was in fact one of the smartest – when I applied myself  😳
  9. I was over the top proud and relieved when I walked across the stage and received my diploma  😀
  10. College changed my life. I realized I was intelligent. I accomplished a huge goal with my degree. I married the man of my dreams and began our adventure together.


I realize I’m taking a lot of tulip pictures….but I love them and they are very photogenic! I was uninspired by {triangle} 😕 and was thrilled to see some in the tulips!  😉



{Today} – which was yesterday, was GORGEOUS! and it looks like {Today} will be too!  😎 The air has been so clear that the views of the mountains have been stunning! I love my home but I wish I had a view of at least one of our lovely volcanoes from my window. But I just have to walk down the street to see one so I guess I shouldn’t complain!

Enjoy your lovely weekend!


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