SFP at Lava Java for September {Landscape photographer Battle Ground WA & Vancouver WA}

I'm excited :-D During the month of September my  landscape photographs will be on display at Lava Java {excellent coffee shop} in Ridgefield. This will be my second show at Lava Java. I have some new work to display and a wider variety of sizes will be on display. Tomorrow afternoon I will be hanging up my work. Stop in any time during September, have some excellent coffee or chai and enjoy the pictures.  UPDATE - PLEASE DISREGARD THE SEPT. 18TH MEET AND GREET. IT HAS BEEN CANCELED DUE TO SCHEDULE CONFLICTS.  But please don't let that keep you from [...]


It was a beautiful weekend!

Thank you, Thank you for all the shares and congratulations regarding Josh's internship and need of housing!!! We are still looking for a place so if you have a firm lead please let us know! The beauty of the Northwest just never gets old. I don't think I've passed through the Gorge a single time without noticing its beauty. I remember living in Florida and meeting people who had never seen a waterfall in nature  :-o We had such a busy fun Saturday with friends and food all day we didn't get out and explore like we usually do. So [...]


Senior Session- Shelby

When someone calls and asks for me to photograph them I do a happy dance! I didn't know Shelby but I knew I would like her the minute she told me she wanted to go to Powell's Books for part of her Senior Session.  :-D  A woman after my own heart! If there was sound with the above picture you would hear the individual behind me repeatedly say that he was calling the police and not to move because they were on their way! Fortunately Shelby was able to ignore him and we just did our thing  :lol:   With [...]


10 Things about me as a – College Student

I still loved sports and the outdoors and skipped Intro to Art constantly because it followed Volleyball practice. My choice - go to class or stay after practice and play volleyball -  ;-) I really, really loved volleyball and it was all I wanted to do - I wanted to be really, really good at it! The scariest moment in college was when Jeff and I broke up - I realized I didn't want to live my life without him.  :cry: I was at WWC (now WWU) for 3 years. We got married during Christmas break my Junior year. The [...]


Time to Plan for Mother’s Day!!!

Have you ever had a great idea that was too late to execute? I do it all the time! I think "Oh I should have!" when it is too late to get it done. :roll: Here is your chance! If you book a session with me now you will have your pictures in plenty of time to give to Mom for her big day. Photo sessions come in many different ways - they could be Just the little Ones - This session is just the kiddos - perfect gift for Grandma, Aunts, Sisters, your wife - whoever in your life [...]


10 Things about me as a – Newlywed

I was beyond happy to be married to the guy who stole my heart at 16! After 6 months of marriage we packed our table and bedroom furniture (all we had) and drove from College Place, WA. to Orlando, Fla. in a Dodge Colt without air-conditioning or any horse power to speak of... Initially I was EXCITED to be moving to Florida and seeing more of the "World" - Very quickly I would change my mind and begin hoping and praying for a move back to the NW We spent the first 9 years of our marriage in the South. [...]


Happy Spring!

As of yesterday Spring has officially arrived! So today I'm simply going to fill this post with pictures of beautiful flowers. The weather is very Spring like (rain, sun, rain, rain, sun) After days like we had Saturday I find myself getting very impatient with the rain. BUT that's life here in the NW and there is nowhere else I would rather live!  8-)  :-D Where I Stand 78/366 I love the parks in our area! I love having a dog that "forces"  ;-) me outside everyday for long walks  :-D  As a result I get to enjoy the beauty [...]



It's Friday, my boys are home the sun is shinning!!!!  8-) I'm feeling blessed! I'm not gonna lie this week had some MAJOR disappointments but I choose to focus on the positive because frankly it just feels better!  ;-) Yesterday I sold this picture printed on aluminum! That always feels amazing! My body is still recovering from my bike wreck this week. My hip looks like someone took a bat to it and my shoulder doesn't want to be lifted past a certain point and my knee still hurts. But I'm thankful I am just dealing with bruises and abrasions [...]


Happy Leap Year Day!

Are there any actual celebrations for this particular day? This day that only happens once every 4 years? Something so rare so special, so unusual should be celebrated! Are there parades today? Are there special cakes and drinks in honor of this day? Is school canceled? Seriously! Why aren't we doing something about something that is so rare it happens only a few times in our lifetime? Is it too late to throw a parade together?  ;-)   Quiet 57/366 There is a lot more {quite} in our home since our boys have left.  :cry:  I miss the sounds of [...]


Hello Monday

Well, Friday got away from me and before I knew it I was sitting in Troutdale at the Taco Bell parking lot talking to my oldest, and my blog post just didn't happen, so there will be lots of pictures today ;-) I also spoke at CAA for Career Day - how fun was that! I got to stand in front of students and tell them about what photography is like as a career - plus the presenters were given yummy snacks after so- score! Not long after my stellar presentation - I was headed south on a Friday afternoon to [...]

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