Team Seymour – Can they make it? I think they can!

If you know me you know that I am a HUGE fan of Amazing Race – I love to travel and the thought of traveling around the world completing various tasks in exciting locations is THRILLING to me. So I sit on my couch each week and watch others doing it wishing it was me…

And now I am following Team Seymour with the Red Bull (yuk I don’t like the drink) challenge. It is a promotion for Red Bull. The concept – get 160+ teams of 3 together and have them race around Europe with their only currency being Red Bull cans. The can earn more Red Bull by completing various tasks at their check points along the way.

There is a team of 3 Walla Walla University students – Chad Torkelson, Sheldon Maxwell and Tyler MacPhee who make up Team Seymour – and they are doing really well and we can help!



I encourage you to go to Team Seymours page and check out their pictures watch their Vlogs and share their posts.  While on their page you can see that there are several ways to earn points in this race – one being Social Points – that is where our shares and likes are helping them earn points. But you can also see the map of various check points and the menu of ways they can earn Adventure points – it looks like they earned 2500 points by taking a shower in a waterfall today in the Swiss Alps. You can also see a map of where they have traveled so far. The race ends on April 19 at 5 am and in this mornings Vlog they were so excited to announce they are 4th overall and the number 1 American team!

So click the link above check out their page share and like each other posts and lets do what we can for these kids. Also share this post to help spread the word. 😎

So if you would like like lets cheer Team Seymour (3 kids from WWU) by sharing and liking their posts on FB. What a cool adventure! Makes me wish I was young again…

What Inspires MeIMG_3423


{What inspires me} Are these two! I feel very lucky to have two very inspiring friends that take me along on their bike rides! They are training for a triathlon. Not only do they let me come along they actually encourage me to come. I do have one ace up my sleave. I know the roads like the back of my hand and they are forever getting lost! 😆  So I’m their guide – problem is their guide is usually at the back! They are so stinkin strong that I am pushing myself each and every ride just to keep up. 😯 And while I’m exhausted at the end of a ride they hop of their bikes and then GO FOR A RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙄 Which is completely INCONCEIVABLE to me!

Self – Portrait



This is a cheat – I did not take this {self-portrait} I’m teaching Jeff  to shoot with manual settings and this is a picture he took.  😎  So PC goes to Jeff Fry!

I’m really looking forward to this weekend of sun and outdoor adventures! I hope you have exciting plans for your weekend!  😎

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