Take the time…

Time is an illusive thing. It is either moving too slowly or too quickly. Never, in my opinion is it moving at just the exact right speed. We (I) am either anxiously anticipating something that can’t get here soon enough or desperately trying to hold on to a moment that is slipping through my fingers… Am I the only one?

Participating in Project 365 does two things for me. 1 It forces me to slow down and pay attention to what is around me – forces me to take the time to notice and photograph something each and every day. I have decided for the most part that is a good thing. 2. But it also can rush me when I haven’t had my camera with me all day and now I have to find something now to photograph.  😯 you can follow along daily here https://www.instagram.com/shellyfryphotography/

I think many things in life are like that. We enjoy something until we don’t and then we are left with a feeling of – failure? How do you savor a moment? How do you hold on to something precious as it slips through your fingers? How do you live happily in the moment? How are you content with who, what and where you are right now in this moment?

Take a deep breath and focus on what you have to be thankful for. Throughout your day notice the beauty. There is much in this world that is scary and decidedly unappealing – but there is much God provided beauty for us to enjoy.

So take time to smell, look, enjoy the beauty in your day today! Also remember you are the beauty in someone elses day today!

My Favorite Place200 my favorite place


{My favorite place} anywhere that puppies play

Happiness DSC_4218


One of the things I’m most thankful for is that I get to live in the Northwest. I find much {happiness} living here in my beautiful corner of the world!

Free Choice DSC_4236


On our way to the dog park I noticed the light on the wheat and thought it was gorgeous! I was glad I had my camera!

Rule of Thirds DSC_4326


Back to my sunflowers! They are so gorgeous and the most cooperative of photo subjects! They just sit still and look oh so pretty while I snap away.

My list of suggestions to enjoy a moment today

  • Stop and take a deep breath – just stop
  • Write down 10 specific things you are thankful for in this moment
  • Say a prayer of thanks
  • Find beauty and stop and enjoy it – a view along the road, flowers in your yard (or the neighbors) a delicious meal or treat, a fuzzy puppy
  • Go out of your way to help someone in a small or big way – pray for a stranger, write a note, smile and say hello, etc…

Enjoy your day beautiful friends!



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