Selfie/Sweet Tooth/Inspiration

Selfie 24/365 I'm not a fan of {selfies}... I immediately zoom in on all the things I don't like about myself in the picture... And we all know that we only post pictures of ourselves when we are happy with the outcome... How many do we delete before we finally agree to one? It was pointed out to me by some of my overly critical friends :) that this is not technically a {selfie}--because I did not take it myself... There was no way I was going to take a closeup shot and my arms are only so long... Plus, I wanted [...]



To Do 16/365 I was feeling a bit behind yesterday.  I had made a statement on my blog, my very first blog (only 15 days ago) that I would blog three days a week.  What I didn't specify was that for me that would be Mon/Wed/Fri.  I did say I was a creature of habit and that I may miss a post if I ever had the opportunity to travel and there was no internet and then I commented on how unlikely that was... And a mere two weeks later I found myself in a strange hotel room on the [...]



3 13/365 I had the opportunity to take a quick free trip to California this week.  Oxnard to be specific...I don't know much about California beyond the general locations of San Francisco, LA and San Diego. Last week the phone rang out of the blue asking if I would be willing to attend a conference in a city that I had never heard of and frankly, didn't sound very appealing...Oxnard. Turns out Oxnard is on the beach...Score!  I did have to sit in meetings all day but I had two sunrise strolls on the beach which made it all worth while [...]


Calm – Perspective

CALM I'm quite sure we all know what the word "calm" means but I went ahead and Googled the word "calm" Not showing or feeling nervousness, anger or other emotions. Serene, tranquil, relaxed, unruffled, unperturbed, unflustered, untroubled... My photo prompt for Tuesday was "calm"... I chose our cat Ella - she varies wildly from cool as a cucumber to spaz in the blink of an eye! But she spends most of her time in the "calm" zone... The more pictures I took of Ella - the less calm she became...sorry kitty!  I also find devotion time calming and often "perspective" [...]

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