Inspirational – Landscapes – but first boots

Boots 306/365 As a thank you for a recent shoot at an outdoor school I received an Amazon Gift card. I was a bit overwhelmed when faced with the task of spending it. Amazon is such a vast place how would I settle on an item? Should it be practical? Should it be something for my business? Should it be something for someone else? What did I even want? The answer - {boots} :roll:  But I honestly need a pair of rain boots and these are the perfect color (matches my business color)  :lol:  And two days later I had [...]


Happy Friday!

What a difference a week makes! A week ago I was feeling discouraged and frustrated (not to mention I was suffering from a bad case of food poisoning! :oops: ) and this week I'm feeling excited and hopeful! It is amazing how therapeutic it is to just accomplish something! The saying "it's darkest just before dawn" is so true! Sometimes it just takes gritting your teeth and pushing ahead no matter how discouraged you feel that gets you to finally break through.  That and just praying A LOT! I have learned that my timing means nothing - and while I [...]


SFP Website! Here it is! I'm so excited to share my new website with you today! This has been a HUGE step for me as I journey forward as a small business owner! So today's blog will be short and sweet!  Take some time to look around my website.  I would love any feedback you have regarding the site! On the Contact page there is a place to email me - or you can always comment at the end of this blog.  Either way I would value any input you have. I was feeling a bit scattered with my blog, [...]


White on white/What’s in my bag/A low angle

 White on White 205/365 I was actually really looking forward to taking a {White on White} photo. But timing is everything and when this prompt ended up on THE DAY I would be seeing both of my boys at the same time for the first time in 6 weeks the only picture I managed was handing my iphone to a friend and asking him to take a picture to document the special occasion! White is actually a difficult color to photograph.  It tends to want to blow out and you lose details.  I will shoot this prompt at another time. [...]


One Word/I Love This

One Word 203/365 I was at the beach this past weekend and of course, while visiting the beach you have to (I have to) duck into a cheesy store or two. I rarely buy anything but I found this little stone with the {one word} "Believe" and I had to have it. I'm not gonna lie I am in some scary territory for me. I'm putting myself "out there" in a way I never have before and I'm not sure what it will look like. I'm not sure if I'm more scared of the possibility of chaos or silence... But [...]


Starts with W/Collection/A WindowW

Starts with "W" 72/365 {W}ater, {W}hale, {W}hole wheat bread, {W}indow, {W}hite, {W}agon, {W}heel, {W}ell, {W}elcome... {W}ater tower - As I mulled over what I would take a picture of Friday my mind finally settled on the trusty {w}ater tower in my neighborhood and at my high school... I've always loved this {w}ater tower and I have panicked when rumors have surfaced that it might come down... Happily I don't think it is going anywhere but it no longer delivers the drinking water to the school.  I LOVED the taste of the water out of the drinking fountains there... Collection  73/365 [...]



Accessory 38/365 I'm not a big {accessory) girl... It's a bit of mystery to me... I just don't know how to do it... Scarves, headbands, belts, rings, chains, bows... I have one favorite belt that I wear... I have two favorite necklaces... Headbands will not stay on my fat round head... I only know one way to tie a scarf and that is no longer the "cool" way... I'm ok with it though :) Chaos 39/365 In spite of my efforts for a clean, organized home... {Chaos} lives just down the hall... I promise I tried with both of my [...]


Old School/Walk

Old School 36/365 {Old School} - What does that even mean?  Surely it only refers to the time before my birth... I find it disturbing that many things I remember would most definitely be classified as {old school} - rotary phones, remoteless/black and white  TV,  typewriters, letter writing, waiting... We are living in a very inpatient world - which is being nurtured through the advancement of technology...making anything {old school} not only outdated but something to be scorned, despised because it makes us WAIT!!! I admit to having a magnet on my fridge which reads "patience is such a waist of time!" :)  So don't [...]


Comfy/Starts with P/Pink

Comfy 33/365 Monday I was trying hard to not give in to the feeling of sick that was insistently pestering me... I gave in at noon... I settled into my {comfy} couch, under my most {comfy} blanket and enjoyed reading for awhile... Later in the afternoon the sun came out and I enjoyed sitting on my porch swing with the sun's warmth.  Despite not feeling good I was very {comfy]. Starts with P 34/365 Starts with {P} - pencils, paperclips, poodles, ponds, puddles, puppies, pink, ponytails, pretty, precious, pretend, porcupine, popcorn, Popsicle, ponies, peonies, pine cones, parents, pebbles...Lots of "things" [...]


Work space/Numbers {#}

Work Space 27/365 I admit to dreaming of having my own studio one day... But for now I'm content with my corner {work space}.. I have to be organized or I go bonkers... But as you can see I also like a certain amount of long as everything is in its place :) What I love about my photography job is my {work space} can be absolutely anywhere! In order for me to have anything to do in my "corner" office at home I have to get out and find the pictures - and that suits me just fine! [...]

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