Lets look on the bright side!

Tis the Season to be Jolly…. That’s a lot of pressure! On top of dealing with traffic, crowds, tornadoes, extra expenses, tree needles in the house, searching for the perfectly thoughtful and affordable gift, extra cooking, extra outings, extra calories…be jolly!  😉

Brings Me Joy

345 brings me joy



So many things bring me joy and sometimes I need to be reminded of that…For example when I’m stuck in traffic – I’m thankful I have a car. When I’m overwhelmed with my gift list I’m thankful I can give gifts…

In addition to looking at the bright side – I also highly recommend Puppy Therapy – I will happily share Lucy with you – even if you just need a quick puppy hug or kiss  😆  This little one really does {bring me joy} – She still has occasional accidents to keep us on our toes but she sleeps through the night and doesn’t complain…Yesterday was a tough day –  She spent 6 hours with us in the car – just running errands and yes we stopped various times and let her out but it wasn’t a very fun day and when your walks consist of the sidewalk next to a busy highway its just not as fun as the park… 😥 Everything took longer and I was a bad mom and forgot to bring her dinner, so she had supper a couple hours later than her usual time…NO complaining (unless you count the sad puppy eyes). I truly think she was just happy we didn’t leave her at home and she was with us – she was looking on the bright side!  😀

Watching her run and splash in the puddles at Lewisville on Saturday was so much fun! Puppy Therapy – I highly recommend it!

A Dozen

346 a dozen


So the natural thing for me to do with this prompt would be to bake {a dozen} cookies, muffins, etc. I could have gotten out the eggs…The bottom line was I could have taken a picture of {a dozen} other things but I chose this adorable truck that my sweet friend Becky gave to me a few years back (p.s. Ritz is my maiden name) Take a moment to be calm and enjoy the beauty of Christmas decorations and twinkly lights!


347 miittens


Yes, it’s cold and dreary outside but it gives us the opportunity to wear {mittens} scarves, cozy sweaters and fun rain boots! See there is always a bright side!!!  😆  I don’t have a cute pair of {mittens} but these finger-less ones are perfect for me while I am out on shoots! Yes my fingers get chilly, but I need them free to adjust the settings on my camera!  😉

Keep positive and enjoy the break in the weather!


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