Happy Friday!

What a difference a week makes! A week ago I was feeling discouraged and frustrated (not to mention I was suffering from a bad case of food poisoning! 😳 ) and this week I’m feeling excited and hopeful! It is amazing how therapeutic it is to just accomplish something! The saying “it’s darkest just before dawn” is so true! Sometimes it just takes gritting your teeth and pushing ahead no matter how discouraged you feel that gets you to finally break through.  That and just praying A LOT! I have learned that my timing means nothing – and while I know that – I still struggle when things don’t move forward as I would like. Anyone else feel that way?

I actually began working in my office yesterday! It was such an awesome feeling! I’m still not settled on my official “office hours” because I’m still working on finishing the space up but I think in general I will be there Wed – Fri afternoons.

One of the really exciting things about being a small business owner is meeting the other owners in town.  The ones I have met have been so warm and welcoming! Heather Porter at www.mortonsstoves.com has been AWESOME! Denise Johnson of El & Em (check them out on FB) an adorable vintage, upcycle, DIY workshops – shop on main street reached out to me as well.  I’ve met the lovely Karen at Posh and Tattered (also on FB) where I found my lovely desk and kind words of encouragement. I’ve also enjoyed meeting and chatting with Patricia who owns Charmed which is located in the south end of the building I am in. It seems I have fallen into a lovely community of lovely small business owners!  😉


Still working out details for date of grand opening – I will announce that next week.  😎

This week has not been one of my better weeks for my 365 Project – while I have kept up with it, I have been relying on my iphone more than I like.




Clearly this picture has nothing to do with {frozen} but I spent the day nesting in my new space and I was excited to share it! However, I did make an effort to photograph something {frozen} by making a special trip to Fro Yo in Battle Ground, but then gobbled it up so fast I forgot to take the picture!  🙄

A Daily Task
225 a daily task


This week {a daily task} of mine has been to pick tomatoes! They are coming on strong and I’m excited! (maybe not as excited as this tomato 😆 ) Oh how I love garden tomatoes! I will confess to having two tomato sandwiches for lunch yesterday!

I am loving this break form the hot weather this morning! I’m actually wearing jeans! Woohoo! I hope you have a lovely Friday!


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