Fear – Live your Life {Vancouver WA & Portland OR}

Why does FEAR hold such power of us? Fears of failure, embarrassment, being injured (might be helpful here), falling short of expectations, .... I've been told by a few people how BRAVE I am in starting my own business. When I think about that I have to laugh because I honestly didn't realize that was what I was doing. I was just finding the courage to become a photographer. To be able to say with confidence I'M A PHOTOGRAPHER meant pushing through fear...       When I began I seriously did not deliberately set out to start a BUSINESS [...]

Shine or Stink it’s up to you

 I was pulled into a FB "discussion" which involved someone making a harsh judgement about something they had never participated or personally witnessed. Words like disgusting, cruel, inhumane, abusive, among others were used. I made one statement because I did have first hand knowledge of the topic. What troubled me about the whole "conversation" was the willingness to jump on the bandwagon without any real knowledge about what was being discussed. Perhaps it is something that needs to be changed but is getting on a public forum like FB and venting your opinions to the point where you are actively [...]

A Beautiful Story – The Richardson Family {Family Photographer, Battle Ground WA & Vancouver WA}

I was busy planting my garden back in the late spring when my cell phone rang. Marian was on the other end. I didn't know Marian and she didn't know me. Something extraordinary had just happened in her family and she was looking for a photographer and wondered if I would be available to do a family session in September. You see after 49 years of marriage {and family pictures} there was one more that needed to be added. A son, a big brother, another member of the family. As I stood in my garden listening to her story of [...]

Take the time…

Time is an illusive thing. It is either moving too slowly or too quickly. Never, in my opinion is it moving at just the exact right speed. We (I) am either anxiously anticipating something that can't get here soon enough or desperately trying to hold on to a moment that is slipping through my fingers... Am I the only one? Participating in Project 365 does two things for me. 1 It forces me to slow down and pay attention to what is around me - forces me to take the time to notice and photograph something each and every day. [...]

Team Seymour – Can they make it? I think they can!

If you know me you know that I am a HUGE fan of Amazing Race - I love to travel and the thought of traveling around the world completing various tasks in exciting locations is THRILLING to me. So I sit on my couch each week and watch others doing it wishing it was me... And now I am following Team Seymour with the Red Bull (yuk I don't like the drink) challenge. It is a promotion for Red Bull. The concept - get 160+ teams of 3 together and have them race around Europe with their only currency being [...]

We chose our focus!

Hello!  :-P Happy Monday everyone! I hope all is well in your world! I will be honest, I'm struggling with staying positive! This time of year is always a challenge! Anyone else with me on that? But I know enough that what I chose to focus on will either help me through the gloomy times or make them worse. So I chose sunny, hopeful thoughts today! Here's a quote from Luci Swindoll's book I Married Adventure Looking at Life Through the Lens of Possibility "Whether adventure takes us to our own backyard or to a distant continent, the spirit of [...]

Lets look on the bright side!

Tis the Season to be Jolly.... That's a lot of pressure! On top of dealing with traffic, crowds, tornadoes, extra expenses, tree needles in the house, searching for the perfectly thoughtful and affordable gift, extra cooking, extra outings, extra calories...be jolly!  ;-) Brings Me Joy   345/365 So many things bring me joy and sometimes I need to be reminded of that...For example when I'm stuck in traffic - I'm thankful I have a car. When I'm overwhelmed with my gift list I'm thankful I can give gifts... In addition to looking at the bright side - I also highly [...]

Give Thanks – Every Single Day

  I've mentioned before that I started a practice of writing down what I'm thankful for each morning. That daily habit that I begin each day with has really helped me through some rough days. It's a choice, to focus on what is good or focus on what is not... With what this world is feeding us it can be really hard to remember to be thankful - but no matter what we always have something to be thankful for each day! Today I'm thankful for many things; My boys will be home tonight! I'm thankful for my home, marriage, [...]

Inspirational – Landscapes – but first boots

Boots 306/365 As a thank you for a recent shoot at an outdoor school I received an Amazon Gift card. I was a bit overwhelmed when faced with the task of spending it. Amazon is such a vast place how would I settle on an item? Should it be practical? Should it be something for my business? Should it be something for someone else? What did I even want? The answer - {boots} :roll:  But I honestly need a pair of rain boots and these are the perfect color (matches my business color)  :lol:  And two days later I had [...]

Happy Friday!

What a difference a week makes! A week ago I was feeling discouraged and frustrated (not to mention I was suffering from a bad case of food poisoning! :oops: ) and this week I'm feeling excited and hopeful! It is amazing how therapeutic it is to just accomplish something! The saying "it's darkest just before dawn" is so true! Sometimes it just takes gritting your teeth and pushing ahead no matter how discouraged you feel that gets you to finally break through.  That and just praying A LOT! I have learned that my timing means nothing - and while I [...]

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