Little Ones – Baron and Charlotte

As promised here are some of the pictures I took last week. These two Cuties were visiting from California and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to take their pictures! There were a few years different in ages so it made posing a bit tricky. But thankfully big brother was a good sport! He didn't complain about slobbery kisses or all the attention being focused on Miss Charlotte as we all attempted to get her to look at the camera and flash us a gorgeous smile  :-D Oh how I love this picture! Miss Charlotte is 6 months and [...]


Hi! – I need a minute!

Today's blog will happen tomorrow. I'm a bit overwhelmed with life at the moment (in a good way) So here are my pics from my 366 project and I plan to write a spectacular blog on Wed.! I hope all is well! Comfy 127/366 Lucy knows {comfy}! And yes we let her on the furniture but only when we are there with her for "snuggle time". She isn't suppose to just lounge around on the couch solo. So when I walked into the room and saw this :-o (and took a quick pic) she was scolded (just a little  ;-) [...]


Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!

Yes, it should be an entire weekend! A day is not enough to celebrate the wonderful Mom's in our lives and all they have done and do for us! I am soo grateful for my Mom! We have had some pretty fun adventures over the years and I look forward to many more! That's me and mom and my favorite doll Billy -  :-D My Mom has been a pillar of strength my entire life! She has been an bold example of faith and resilience for me! I'm very thankful for her! As a Mom I'm excited to have the [...]


Thompson Family

I've mentioned that I love my job and I really, really do!  As a photographer in the gorgeous Northwest I get to enjoy the beauty that surrounds me but more importantly - I just love working with people!  The joy in my job is at a whole new level when those people are some of my dear friends! I have had the pleasure of watching their kiddos grow up right along with mine and while the years don't match up exactly our kids are good solid friends and I love that! In the next few weeks this beautiful family will [...]



It's been a busy week of networking for me.  I'm new to this networking thing. The point meet people, get my name out there so when people think "hmmm I need a photographer" they know just who to call!  :-D This week I have meetings each and every day where I am putting myself out there in some way or another and while I'm always glad I do it - it can be stressful! Selling yourself is stressful!  8-O  There's nothing like walking around hoping someone likes what you are doing. Or admitting you need help from someone because you [...]


Time to Plan for Mother’s Day!!!

Have you ever had a great idea that was too late to execute? I do it all the time! I think "Oh I should have!" when it is too late to get it done. :roll: Here is your chance! If you book a session with me now you will have your pictures in plenty of time to give to Mom for her big day. Photo sessions come in many different ways - they could be Just the little Ones - This session is just the kiddos - perfect gift for Grandma, Aunts, Sisters, your wife - whoever in your life [...]


Chase and Katie!!!

Oh my goodness!!! Talk about patience! Sweet Katie waited 8 years for the man of her dreams to get down on one knee. But the day finally arrived as they were cruising somewhere between the Cayman Islands and Ft. Lauderdale. While in the middle of the Sea Chase asked her to be his wife.  :-)  Katie puts a beautiful twist on the long journey by writing "we've spent the last eight years making sure we are perfect for each other and we're very excited for our wedding in November." We had a blast at yesterdays shoot but the weather kept us on [...]


10 Things about me as a – Teenager

I was a jock - I went to school for three reasons - sports, friends, and boys. I wanted to be on the Women's Olympic Volleyball Team and secretly wondered if I was good enough The scariest moment of my teenage years was climbing the CAA water tower. I did it twice and it scared the pee out of me both times! I lived in the same home within walking distance of the high school for all four years. My "friends" frequently broke in and trashed my room! Of course I returned the favor... My Senior year I was asked [...]


10 Things about me as a – kid

I was a tomboy - I loved the outdoors on foot, on bike, in a tree, wandering in the woods - I once had a neighborhood boy ask me to be his girlfriend after he saw me jumping my bike in mud puddles  ;-)  I don't think we ever spoke after that!  :lol: I wanted to be in the Olympics - I had no shot (I'm a TAD on the tall and inflexible side!) :lol:  but I loved watching the gymnastic routines and I use to make ones up and perform them at home. The scariest moment of my childhood [...]


Happy Spring!

As of yesterday Spring has officially arrived! So today I'm simply going to fill this post with pictures of beautiful flowers. The weather is very Spring like (rain, sun, rain, rain, sun) After days like we had Saturday I find myself getting very impatient with the rain. BUT that's life here in the NW and there is nowhere else I would rather live!  8-)  :-D Where I Stand 78/366 I love the parks in our area! I love having a dog that "forces"  ;-) me outside everyday for long walks  :-D  As a result I get to enjoy the beauty [...]

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