Ravins Family – Hood River, OR {Family Photographer Portland OR & Vancouver WA}

I'm a Northwest girl through and through. I love this area! When the Ravins family reached out and invited me to photograph them in their home town of Hood River I was excited! I love that town! I lived there when I was very small but I've always thought I would love living there again (except there's no Target, PDX and the beach are too far away)  8-O  But besides that it seems pretty perfect! It is an awesome place for a photo shoot! Love the historic downtown, the river where we shot this time. But there is so much [...]


Sieng Family {Family Photographer – Portland OR & Vancouver WA}

Those of us who have the opportunity to call the PNW home are blessed with beauty all around us! I absolutely love Fall here. And while it has been a wet one!  8-O  I am so thankful that I was able to get every Family Session scheduled shot during our record breaking wet month of October.  I'm also very thankful to the families that were willing to juggle their schedules around the rainy days. The beautiful Sieng Family was one of my families that had to reschedule and then reschedule again in order to get a dry day. They live [...]


Denon Family {Family Photographer Portland OR & Vancouver WA}

I met the Denon family last year. Natalie contacted me after seeing my work displayed at Lava Java in Ridgefield. It was a very exciting moment for me because I didn't know the Denon's and here was a call out of the blue wanting to book a family session. When we did their family session last year it was a hot sunny afternoon with no worries about the weather. This year would be a different story... Guy and Natalie are laid back, easy to talk to and a joy to work with. We had a fun hour in the Pearl [...]

Squires Family {Portland OR & Vancouver WA Family Photographer}

They simply don't come any nicer than the Squires Family! I was thrilled when they asked me to take their family photos. Rumor had it that Dad wasn't that excited about the prospect ;-) - but in the end he was grateful his wife "made" him do it. They are all to aware of how their young men are growing - no longer little boys. And what fine young men they are! Friendly and easy to talk with they are also quick to offer help me carry things, folding blankets, basically always looking for ways to help.  :-D The Squires [...]


Mr. Tabor 1 year shoot – {Family Photographer Battle Ground, WA & Vancouver, WA}

Little boys just do me in! They seriously do damage to my heart! They make me miss my little guys so much I find myself with ideas of grabbing total strangers kids just to squeeze them for a bit! Happily Tabor's shoot was scheduled on a day where the weather cooperated beautifully! It was last Monday a week ago - and I find it difficult to believe as the rain pours outside my window... Happily I was able to get some squeezes on with Mr. Tabor after he finished his big photo session. Tabor just turned 1 and with 4 [...]


Little Miss B – {Family Photographer Battle Ground, WA & Vancouver, WA}

Life has been CRAZY!!! I think Fall is always this way and frankly I wish it would just slow down! There are gorgeous reds, yellows and oranges for the eyes, pumpkin flavored everything for the tummy and a lovely crispness in the air that means boots! It is my favorite and it just flies by so quickly to that hectic, frantic thing called Christmas....Oh how I wish I could hit the pause button! Today I wanted to share some pictures of the adorable Miss Bristie! Oh what a cutie patootie! We had fun talking about princesses and practicing her princess [...]


A Beautiful Story – The Richardson Family {Family Photographer, Battle Ground WA & Vancouver WA}

I was busy planting my garden back in the late spring when my cell phone rang. Marian was on the other end. I didn't know Marian and she didn't know me. Something extraordinary had just happened in her family and she was looking for a photographer and wondered if I would be available to do a family session in September. You see after 49 years of marriage {and family pictures} there was one more that needed to be added. A son, a big brother, another member of the family. As I stood in my garden listening to her story of [...]


Happy August

Thank you for your prayers and support for my Mom this past weekend. She was ordered unexpectedly to the hospital Friday due to her heart taking scary long breaks between beats. Long story short - She is home now! She was blessed with excellent care! We even had extra blessings when our friend Dr. Lamberton walked in the door! He was her Dr. and took excellent care of her. We are so thankful that her new pacemaker will keep her heart humming along now! So hopefully no more of that business! Let's just all stay healthy and happy shall we!  [...]


Weekend Recap

Happy Monday to you. About 2 years ago I began selling some of my pictures at DeJaVu in Bend (and Sisters).  It is a lovely consignment store and I have really appreciated the opportunity to sell some of my landscapes there. Last week I received an email out of the blue. A woman named Debbie who I had never met, was inquiring about my Sparks Lake picture. Debbie had recently moved to Redmond (near Bend) and was visiting a friends home when she noticed on of my pictures on the wall and fell in love with it. The friend couldn't [...]


Family – A beautiful thing! {Battle Ground, WA & Vancouver, WA Family Photography}

I had the pleasure of spending some time with this beautiful family. We gathered this past Saturday at Fort Vancouver and found a quite place under the gorgeous trees. Sadly they are facing unimaginable heartache- but in the face of it they gathered the wagons and came together to show love, happiness and the very definition of family. I was truly honored to spend this special time with them. I witnessed deep love, super human strength and the beauty of a family that supports one another. My prayers are with you every day! Project 365 Change 183/366 Life hands us [...]

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