Boyce Family {Family Photographer Portland OR & Vancouver WA}

Beautiful days are a rarity around these parts lately. But when its gorgeous outside it takes your breath away! And in my case if you have the opportunity to photograph a beautiful family it is just the icing on the cake!

This sweet family was so fun! I meet Brandon who is an electrician over a year ago through a business networking group. Last time I saw him he wasn’t yet a dad. I was thrilled when he called to say he wanted me to take family pictures of their new addition!

We headed to a park in Camas and sweet little Brooklyn fell asleep on the way. So with my hubby standing guard near her as she slept in the car, I took the opportunity to photograph Brandon and his stunning wife Lacey. Lacey has such a beautiful smile and Brandon was very good natured about the whole thing which I really appreciated!

But it came time to take some pictures that included sweet Brooklyn and she was still busy snoozing comfortably in her car seat. I found this to be a scary situation. No one wants to wake a sleeping baby! Rarely does a baby wake up before they are ready with smiles. But Brooklyn was a trooper! Sweet girl did’t fuss a bit! 

She even let me hold her. What a doll! She did give me her biggest brightest smile as I held her with my camera sitting on the ground. Oh well I felt pretty special receiving that sweet gift even if I wasn’t able to take a picture.  😆 

I’m always so anxious to get home and go through the pictures. I initially scroll through pretty quickly but this one made me stop and laugh out loud! Her expression is priceless! Her Dad is awesome at all the noises and faces that Dad’s do and I feel like this is her looking at the photographer and saying “really are we done here yet?!”  😆 

Thank you Boyce Family it was my absolute pleasure to be your photographer! 


“Never boast of your birth, your money, your grand friends, or anything that is yours. If you have traveled, do not introduce that information into your conversation at every opportunity.” -Routledge’s Manual of Etiquette, 1875

I love reading old things like this. I agree with everything above but I do have a serious problem with boasting about my awesome friends and not talking about travel…  😉 Can’t wait to tell you all about my adventures to Oklahoma  😎 



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