Birthday Season

So many birthdays…

It is clear that people get a bit frisky in December – there are so many birthdays happening right now my head is spinning! Spinning because my baby is 18, I’m older, AGAIN!   😯   My hubby is celebrating today and my Mom’s bday is next week!  😀

Do you have a “rash” of birthdays in your family?

I remember on one of our first dates we we asked questions to get to know each other. I asked when his birthday was – he told me September 4. He was a little stunned by my reaction – I punched him on the arm and said “no it isn’t!”  😆  (I had about had the same reaction when the Doctor told me Ty’s due date was Sept. 4!)


1st pic 001


This is the first picture I have of the two of us. The date is Feb 86 which really only means that’s when it was developed. I could look at our coats and determine that it probably was in Feb. However, it is the Oregon coast so it could be August  😎  This is the first (oldest) picture I have of the two of us. We began dating in mid July of 85 and I have a hard time believing it took us that long to get a picture together. Clearly this predates “selfies” and the ease of camera phones! We have now celebrated 30 birthdays together!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my word we are so old now!!




Not a very good {shadows} picture but I was working away in my studio and I looked up to admire my growing succulent family and just had to take a picture. I actually moved them around for awhile trying to create {shadows} but nothing was working so I just went with it!


I also took this pictures. I’m so thankful for my little studio and all the love and support I have had as I have pushed myself to take these scary steps! Thank you all!

Something I want



I thought it was ironic that this was the photo prompt (something I want) on my birthday  😉 And at first I tried to think of what I wanted so I could then figure how to take a picture of it. But my heart is so full and I feel so blessed I just went with a weather shift – {something I want} is crisp, clear days of fall so I can bust out my boots and wear them every day! Yep it’s true, I’m over summer and ready for fall! And obliviously these boots were {something I want}ed but they are mine now!! 😛

 I’m headed off for an adventure of exploration and picture taking. I may not post on Monday I’m not sure if I will have internet – but if not I will be here on Wed!

I hope your weekend has some adventure, fun and lots of love in it! Have an awesome holiday weekend!


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