21 years ago


21 years ago today I became a Mom for the first time.

21 years ago We lived in Georgia…

21 years ago I was much younger…


21 years ago I was terrified I would lose him, damage him, fail to teach him essential life lessons and feed him the right foods…

DSC_516521 years ago he weighed just over 5lbs and was 18 1/2″ long

Happy 21st Birthday Joshua! You are more than I ever hoped you would be!

A High Angle



Happily we took the time to drive to WWU and watch our son play some soccer with his team. I love how aggressive he is as their keeper. He has had an amazing number of saves so far this season! When your 6’7″ those {high angle} shots are a piece of cake to snag! 😉




I made an effort to find something {orange} that wasn’t a pumpkin or leaves. I wasn’t sure it was going to happen and then I stumbled upon this playground antique 😀  Does anyone else remember riding these as kids?

Autumn Drink



I LOVE the new SB cups! They are so cute! So no surprise here, my favorite {autumn drink} is a Chai. It doesn’t have to be from SB but it doesn’t hurt!

After a long drive through the stunning Fall colors I was so happy to get home in time to hop on my bike and go for a ride! I think the colors are peaking right now and they are just taking my breath away! I hope you take time to enjoy some of the beauty around you today!


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