10 Things about me as a – Teenager

  1. I was a jock – I went to school for three reasons – sports, friends, and boys.
  2. I wanted to be on the Women’s Olympic Volleyball Team and secretly wondered if I was good enough
  3. The scariest moment of my teenage years was climbing the CAA water tower. I did it twice and it scared the pee out of me both times!
  4. I lived in the same home within walking distance of the high school for all four years. My “friends” frequently broke in and trashed my room! Of course I returned the favor…
  5. My Senior year I was asked what I wanted to be – I said a photographer for National Geographic  😉
  6. Even as a teenager I never learned how to mess with make-up and hair and the few times I snuck out to go dancing I didn’t have a clue what I was doing!
  7. I was terrified of math
  8. I secretly believed I was the dumbest kid in the class 😯
  9. I secretly believed I was the best basketball, volleyball and flag football player  😉
  10. I received 3 speeding tickets my Senior year, and bashed in my left front fender on a pillar in the parking garage at Lloyd Center. 😳




I thrive on {variety} I get bored easily! One of my favorite things about being a photographer is the {variety}. I strive to give each of my families a unique and fun experience during our sessions. I love the {variety} in people, locations, style of the session. It is one of the best parts of my job!

What Motivates Me



That face! I’ve always enjoyed taking walks but I have put on more miles than ever with that face {motivating) me no matter the weather! Yesterday we walked the Lewisville loop (3 miles) she played tag and tug with the boys at home. She played outside with the neighborhood kids and then topped the day off with a trip to the dog park where she chased, fetched and hiked the nearby trails. And when she came home…she wanted to play tug! She simply doesnt’ get tired! Where I on the other hand do!  😉

Happy Easter Weekend to you all. I hope you have lovely plans!


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