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Hello and welcome to my website! I hope you will spend some time looking around. Notice the tabs you can click on to find information regarding pricing, portfolios, contact info and galleries or if you are curious about me.  If you have any questions or want to schedule a time to meet you can call, text or email.  My hope is that you will be a regular visitor here. If you are interested you can follow me through the following links.  follow me on Instagram to see my daily posts. or Facebook . I also have a LinkedIn profile. Thanks for stopping by!  


SFP Retreat – #BRAVE2018 {NW Family Photographer}

Hi Friends, So as those who follow along on social media know, I spent a few days at the beach last week on a business retreat. Now I realize I'm just a small business owner but I intend to grow!!! So why not have a retreat! (next year maybe Hawaii  :lol: ) And If I'm going to grow I need to push myself, learn new things and venture into scary new territory. In other words I need to be BRAVE. Since becoming a business owner I have chosen a word to be my touchstone throughout the year. The word is meant [...]


2018 – What does it hold? Shelly Fry Photography {Battle Ground WA}

Ahhhhhhh - back to reality. We had an amazing vacation. The weather was perfect, the water amazing, and our experience with the dolphins more than I had hoped! 2018 - Happy New Year There are so many cliches regarding the New Year. I find myself struggling with the idea of New Year Resolutions. For whatever reason I'm more comfortable with Goals. Goals seem more attainable. I'm most comfortable when I have a goal I'm working towards. I tend to set goals that I can break down into specific steps so I have the ability to measure my progress. It feels [...]


Merry Christmas!

I would like to wish you each a very Merry Christmas.  Christmas feels very different for me this year. We decided and planned 6 months ago that we would take a trip during Christmas this year. In addition to celebrating Christmas we are also celebrating that both of our boys (men) will be graduating from WWU this year! So it has been Christmas with the Kranks at my house. No tree or lights with very limited decor of any type! Along with that I haven't sent any Christmas cards out this year and the only present I bought was for [...]


Why I Love Family Sessions {Family Photographer Battle Ground WA & Vancouver WA}

Why do I love working with families so much? They change They have energy They are fun Many times Mom's are overwhelmed with the idea of scheduling a family session. They carry the burden of all the scheduling, clothing coordination and talking hubby into paying for it. Not to mention the worry about how the kiddos will behave... I'm not gonna lie and say sometimes scheduling is the most challenging part of this process! Between everyone's work, school, sports, hobbies, Drs appointments not mention the weather...it can be challenging. But the rewards are totally worth it! Never worry about your [...]


Fall Sessions {Battle Ground WA & Vancouver WA Photographer}

I have eaten four bags of candy corn. Harvested my home grown pumpkins. Pulled out my boots and sweaters. Begun in earnest, to eat the trick or treat candy I bought to hand out. I've even eaten some pumpkin pie and enjoyed a fire in the fireplace. I am fully committed to Fall! But honestly the best part of Fall has been taking Family and Senior photos in the stunning backdrop we call home here in the NW. And yes we have had some rain, but overall it's been GORGEOUS! Here are some great reasons why Fall Family Session  are [...]


Fall Family Sessions! {Family Photographer Battle Ground WA & Vancouver WA}

Fall Family Sessions I Fall for it every year. I'm often accused of wishing summer away but I'm not! Honestly. But the pumpkins in my garden and the sunflowers and the decorations in the stores are all reminding me that Fall is just around the corner. I do so love Fall. Now is the PERFECT time for Fall family pictures. The colors, the crisp air, the beautiful light we have here in the northwest, are all enhanced this time of year. It's time for you to get in the picture!!! You will not regret family pictures EVER. They are a [...]


A Mother’s Love {Family Photographer Vancouver WA & Battle Ground WA}

As a mom and a photographer I have to make a deliberate effort to have my picture taken. It's not that I enjoy having my picture taken its that I would simply like to exist... I have always enjoyed taking pictures. I fell in love with photography long before there was such a thing as a "selfie".  As a result, there are years of photo albums filled with pictures of vacations, birthday parties and various adventures  where you see my husband, kids and family members and while I was there... you will only see very few photos of me.  Existing [...]


Making it Official {Photographer Battle Ground WA & Vancouver WA}

Last Friday evening I found myself laying on my photography studio floor about an hour before family and friends were to arrive for final preparations for the Grand Opening. As I laid there starring at the ceiling many thoughts ran through my mind. I tried to calm myself. I tried to focus.  I thought back over my journey to that moment, the moment where I was laying on the floor of my very own photography studio. I was literally floored.  I talk often about the importance of setting goals. Goals keep you moving forward, they give you a feeling of [...]


Grand Opening on Main Street – Friday August 4th

Hello!!!! Welcome to the hottest week of the year! Goodness the temperatures are way past my comfort zone! Thankfully I'm happily sitting in my new air conditioned studio typing away in comfort.  Check out my new welcome mat! Thank you Becky it's perfect!!!! I am really looking forward to meeting you all this Friday at the Grand Opening here on Main Street. As I was trying to think of something I could hand out to those of you who come by I decided upon reusable bags with my logo splashed across it.  ;-) As I scanned the internet for ordering [...]


Double Trouble {Family Photographer Battle Ground WA & Vancouver WA}

I believe I have mentioned a time or two how much I love my job, every part of it! I will admit that some sessions are just a little extra special to me and this was one of them.  Christina is the beautiful momma of this gorgeous family and she is a former student of mine.  She was one of my favorites! :-)  Whenever I have the opportunity to photograph former students it just thrills my heart. I loved my years teaching and it is such a blessing to be able to connect with them again and see them with [...]

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